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our Mission

We Exist to connect people with God, His church, and
His mission to the world!

Core Values

  • Jesus Christ is Lord. ​​​

    • By learning how to worship and obey Him, our aim is to bring Him glory in all areas of life.

  • The Bible is God's holy and inspired word.

    • It is the foundation for truth and the center from which all teaching and preaching must flow. ​

  • Prayer is God's invitation to experience His presence and power.

    • God loves to answer​ the prayers of His people. When we're diligent to seek Him, we will both know His heart and see His blessing.


  • Lost people matter deeply to God and therefore must matter deeply to us.

    • Since we at one time were lost, with an attitude of gratefulness we're compelled to unite with God to reach lost people within our sphere of influence. ​


  • The mission of the church is to make disciples.

    • Once lost people are found, it is our duty to create pathways to facilitate their personal growth toward Christian maturity. ​


  • God designed church life to be a balance of public celebration and intimate community.

    • Public worship must inspire with genuine celebration and relevant content. Small groups must inspire with authentic accountability and strategic care. Together, they must complete God's design for a fulfilling church experience.


  • Strategic service is the means by which we find ultimate fulfillment.

    • Every believer has the responsibility of using their spiritual gifts in conjunction with other members of the body. We are here to serve, not to be served. ​


  • We must create culturally relevant environments to accomplish our mission.

    • The gospel itself is changeless. Times however do change. To connect with people, we must create an atmosphere that is appropriate to the culture we're trying to reach.


  • We must strive for excellence in everything we do.

    • God deserves the very best we can give Him. It is therefore expected that every ministry and every endeavor will be accomplished with excellence. ​

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