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At Even If Church, we believe in community.
It is important for every follower of Christ to be connected with other followers
so we can challenge each other to grow in our faith.
Adult Ministries

  • Prayer Ministry

We believe that God loves to hear us talk with Him. We even have a saying around Even If Church. God loves to answer the prayers of His people! We believe so strongly in this fact, that we even have a room in our church that is dedicated to prayer. This room is open to groups who want to pray, and is always available to you if you need a place to get away from the distractions of life to connect with your Heavenly Father.

If you have an urgent need requiring prayer, we have a team of people committed to praying for you.

Please share your request here or contact us, and it will be immediately forwarded to these dedicated prayer warriors.

  • Small Groups

Each week there are small groups of individuals who meet together in homes throughout the south side of Indy to discuss, learn, share, and grow. Every group looks a bit different – they take on the personality of the people involved. Typically they will spend 90-120 minutes discussing the message from the weekend services, digging deeper, and discovering the personal application. Sometimes we laugh. Sometimes we cry. But we always strive to become more like Jesus wants us to be. For more information about our small groups, or to find one that might be a fit for you, call the church office or contact us. For more information on specific small groups, see the details below.

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